Do you really need a logo?


If you feel pressured to create a company logo, allow me to ease that pressure for you. You may be surprised to hear this but you do not necessarily need a logo. However, if you choose not to have one, it’s extremely important for your company to maintain consistent branding on all platforms. 

Do I Need a Logo?

No, you don’t NEED a logo, but deciding whether or not you WANT a logo for brand is an important choice to make. To determine if your company would benefit from a logo, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is my company’s advertising goals?
  • What type of marketing materials do I plan to produce?
  • Does it seem important to my competitors’ businesses that they do/do not have a logo?

The answers to the questions listed above can help guide you in determining whether a logo is right for you.

Alternatives to a Logo

If you’re weighing on the side of “It’s a no-go on the logo,” then you might be wondering what your other alternatives are. Fonts, colors and imagery combined in unique interesting ways can be enough to establish a consistent brand identity.

  1. Fonts – Fonts speak louder than words. A simple Comic Sans or Apple Chancery font with your company’s name or mission could be the perfect fit for you.
  2. Colors – Don’t be afraid to be loud with color. Solid colors, multiple colors or designs with colors could add flare to your marketing materials and could be the right amount of pizzazz you are looking for.
  3. Imagery – Whether it’s a photo of a rose or a photo of a bathtub, a nice image on a website header or business card could be all the glamour and glitz you truly need.
  4. All of the above – Maybe you want to go with all three of these alternatives to create the perfect designs and marketing staples for your company. That is fine! Just keep it clean and easy on the eyes.

Examples of simplistic images one could use for their marketing materials.

Branding Must-Haves

Since you may still be on the fence about choosing to have a company logo, let’s review what your company is going to need to do no matter what.


Logo or no logo you still need to remain consistent throughout your designs and layouts so people know which company is marketing to them.

business card
Example of a consistent design…

Linda stays consistent as she transitions from website to business cards. While her website header is not a logo, it is a consistent design that has become a staple in identifying her business. Other consistent aspects you’ll notice when viewing both pieces are:

  • graphics
  • colors
  • fonts


The more the merrier does not necessarily apply to your marketing designs. People do not want to get caught up in a ton of clutter when viewing your logo or layout. Appeal to your viewer’s eyes. Your company can show who you are in a simplistic, clean manner. Here is an example of a simple, clean logo and business card layout.

Image from Four Seasons Pet Services

Four Seasons Pet Services is a great example of simple and consistent branding. Interestingly enough, Four Seasons started out as a company without a logo but eventually integrated a logo into their branding after designing business cards and a website.. So keep in mind that you can always change what you want, but do transition smoothly and stay consistent once you have made needed changes.

Decision Time

So, have you decided if a logo is right for you? If you have decided a logo is right for you and you feel you need more guidance, we can help.